A Charitable Club

Each year the club nominates a chosen charity and holds regular events to try to raise as much money as possible for the charity and promote its awareness. LFR raises money for it’s chosen charity in many ways, through the races it organises, encouraging charitable donations and also through sponsorship of runners at key racing events. Some of the ways it raises money for the charity is by organising themed events, such as the our Breakfast Run event. Once a month the club hosts an event called 5caKe night where members come back to the club after running, for tea and cake, and this evening is also used as a fundraiser, with raffles and collection boxes to generate money.  Finally the ever-popular Leighton 10k race is the biggest charity fund-raisers, being held in Spring each year.

4Louis: Our Charity for 2023/24

4Louis works across the country to support anyone affected by miscarriage, stillbirth, and the death of a baby or child. They understand the pain and heartbreak that families go through and are dedicated to providing support and comfort during this difficult time. 

4Louis provide memory boxes filled with keepsakes and mementoes to help families create lasting memories of their loved one. They also provide useful tools, equipment, and training free of charge to hospital units, hospices, and other professionals who work with grieving families.

4Louis recognises that every family’s journey is unique, and strives to improve the services given to families who have lost a baby or child. Donating to 4Louis provides vital funds to support them in achieving their ambition of ensuring that no family has to go through child loss alone.

If you would like more information regarding the charity please visit 4Louis – Home or contact them by Telephone: 0191 514 4473 or Email: info@4louis.co.uk