• Thursday and we’re tired again!

    Another week of our lives has nearly passed by and the Green family have again reached the level of tiredness that only those with children will understand! How do we do it I've been asked? There are many things that bring it all together but here are our secrets.Planning, we

  • Is the best competition the one you have with yourself?

    Is the best competition the one you have with yourself? Those of you who know me will already have noticed that I can be a teeny bit competitive. There have been many a Fartlek session where I’ve nearly keeled over trying to keep up with the faster ladies and there has

  • Coaching Sessions

    Could you benefit from Coaching?   You may (or may not) be aware that I recently passed my Coach In Run Fitness qualification – and that I have a role within the club as a Coach. So in this weeks blog I’m posing a question for you…..could YOU benefit from

  • What it is like to Volunteer

    So far this year Leighton Fun Runners have had the pleasure to be involved in 3 epic races which have seen plenty of the club members not only running but also working just as hard behind the scenes to make sure everyone has an amazing run. It feels like a long

  • LFR team spirit by Dan Green

    My goals for this year are to go sub 40 minutes at 10 and sub 19 at 5k and that day was the Regents Park 10k. I've been training hard for months to try and knock 30 seconds off my pb and thought this would be the day! The weekend

  • Respect for Animals when out Running in the Countryside by Paul Doyle

       Respect for Animals when out Running in the Countryside.Tips to Staying Safe. I started writing this article following a couple of incidents where I inadvertently startled a horses being ridden on a country road. Not fun for the riders and something I didn’t intend to happen.Both times I thought I had

  • The Mighty Deerstalker

    After knocking myself out on a low branch at the same event 2 years ago, then in my semi-blurred state misunderstanding a marshal point and going up the second mountain again, you'd be forgiven for thinking that i might not be interested in repeating the same event. Especially as that

  • Sub-consciously chasing that DNF by Ian Mulry

    Somebody recently asked me why I keep doing all these ‘crazy things’.  My usual answer is to challenge myself and become a stronger person from it.  But then I thought about it for a while….am I just sub-consciously searching for a DNF?I began running with LFR around 9 years ago

  • Leighton 10

    On Sunday morning the sun didn’t shine, The wind was blowing and the warmth was fine.   Team LFR hosted a race, To test the locals running pace.   10k was the distance – that’s not far, Well not when you’re driving in a car!   Marshals, bakers, starters and

  • Musings of a Runner

    I know people start running for all sorts of reasons – returning to an old sport, to meet new people, for your health or even for a challenge. I started 8 years ago to get fit – and because Dan (my husband – then boyfriend) ran. I stupidly thought it