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    This is the week that… We Took Over the Beds AAA XC

    Following last year’s postponement due to Covid, the Beds AAA joined forces with Bucks AAA to hold the County Cross Country Championships at Campbell Park in Milton Keynes on Saturday. The rainy weather forecast was spot on for a change and that made for ideal cross country conditions. With some

  • This is the week of… The Christmas Party 2021 & Awards Night

    Well, we did it....!  After months of planning and two years since we last got together we pulled off a brilliant Christmas party and awards night. The joint evening was new this year, did you like it? Let us know! With the government announcement of the country moving to Plan

  • This is the week that… LFR Became EA East Region “Club of The Year”

    There’s only one place to start when we review last week... and that's with LFR being WINNERS! In the 38 year history of LFR, Wednesday 17th November 2021 will forever be remembered as the day we won the EA East Region "Club of the Year award". Our fingers are crossed

  • This is the week that was…. The Dirt Half

    parkrun I thought this week's parkrun would be a little quieter due to the Dirt Half, however I was pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong.  An impressive 44 of you took part in parkrun’s at nine venues up and down the land. Carrie Tyas and Paul Doyle were in Whitby,

  • This is the week that was…. The Halloween Run

    Friday Fright Night! After weeks of planning, many miles racked up on recce runs, hours of online and actual shopping for props, Friday night came and the Halloween Run was a huge success. I was going to resist “spooktacular” in this week's newsletter, but I’m afraid I can’t! On behalf

  • This is the week that was…. The Ridgeway Run!

    This week was one of those weeks where I could throw a dart at a map of the UK and an LFR would be running somewhere. But before I share with you the week's events, we’re going to rewind 7 days to last Sunday’s London Marathon. I missed Natalie Ahlrichs

  • This is the week that was…. The London Marathon!

    Race reports! Ok, hands up if you wish you lived in a bungalow?  The weekend was mostly about Marathons, so no better place to start than Estonia, yes Estonia! Population 1.3 million and a lone Brit, our very own Matthew Ma, who booked a cultural holiday to Tartu and took

  • This is the week that was…. The Dunstable Downs parkrun Takeover

    Before we get on to parkrun and races I am pleased to report that Jen Garner, Tori Guy and Ian Bickers all completed the final piece of their LiRF qualification under the watchful eye of VC Andy. I look forward to reporting on 3 more qualified run leaders in the

  • This is the week that was…. The Leighton 10

    Club Runs Tuesday was PACE NIGHT and everyone was catered for by our brilliant run leaders, and it’s fair to say we had a great turnout again. On hump day Captain Emily led a super six group at Astral park for Meet and Retreat. This is a slightly different version

  • This is the week that was…. The Brighton Marathon

    Club Runs As summer turned to autumn the irony wasn’t lost on many of us that the sun made a welcome return, as did some not so welcome warmth for those racing. As Tuesday was the first one of the month, Cake night returned with the sunshine and 85 of