• This is the week that was…the London Marathon!

    Before we get on to what was of course the biggest and most inspirational event of the weekend (and quite some time), let's have a look at our other goings on...Of course we had our usual club runs all week with group night on Tuesday (followed by a trip to

  • This is the week that was…the hottest Easter on record!

    Marathon fever had not left us on Monday with Peter and Pam both at the real Boston Marathon in the USA.  Peter finished with a fantastic time of 3.37 getting himself a Good for Age time.  And Pam was completing her final marathon of the six marathon majors! She has

  • This is the week that was…full of PBs!

    It was group night on Tuesday where we tried something a little different.  The run leaders were pushing the groups to go just that little bit faster on their runs:  the 11s were running 10.30s, the 10.30s were running 10s, the 10s, 9.30s and so on.  Everyone enjoyed it and

  • This is the week that was…Ultras, Loops and Lakes!

    The week began with a 5cake night and two new course records for the men and women.  Tom came in at a brilliant 18.30 for the 5K and Elle ran a superb 21.13.  We had plenty of PBs on the night and our Couch to 5K Graduates joining the club

  • This is the week that was….the Leighton 10K!

    Before heading to our main event, let’s have a quick recap of the week gone by…  Tuesday saw us run to the pub and back again!  The legend we call JK had his first go as the Master of Pain on the Fartlek whistle – everyone finished smiling.  More pain

  • This is the week…we found out the colour of the Oakley hoodie!

    Before we turn to the long awaited result of the Oakley hoodie colour bingo, let’s have a look at our week… Another glorious week of club runs, with no wind.  We had pace groups on Tuesday, Paul and his ladies not Fartlekking on Wednesday, Captain Dan putting the Improvers to the

  • This is the week that was…Storm Gareth!

    Storm Gareth came and went this week.  We ran in the wind doing loops at Chartmoor Road; Janice beasted the team at Fartlek; James took the Improvers for some park Sprintervals; and Katharine and Jenny led a windy, but wonderful Friday morning run. parkrun day saw LFRs at Westmill (where Chris

  • This is the week that…..started and ended with food!

    PANCAKES!  Yes it was the annual pancake run on Tuesday where we had our usual groups running and all passing by Captain Dan’s house for pancakes! No naked chef this year.  Perhaps he’ll make a return next year…   Kevin took on the Fartlek group on Wednesday to burn off the

  • This is the week that was….weather.

    What a week of weather.  It started off with the hottest February days on record and quickly turned to rain and a storm named Freya by the weekend.  Through all this weather, of course LFR were out sweating in the heat and battling through the rain to get their runs

  • This is the week…we elected a new committee!

    AGMThe big news of this week was our AGM where we have some new members joining our committee and where we chose the club’s charity for the coming year.   Look out for the AGM minutes which will be published on the LFR website. New CommitteeLeaving the committee this year are Alice