Reviewer: Dan Green

Distance: 13.1 miles

Race name: Berkhamsted half marathon

Price: £22

What you get: medal, drawstring, bottle of water and cake bar

Course description: Both races  (5m and half) start with a flat 2-3 miles then after a rather challenging never ending climb they flatten out again. After Potten End the 5m drops back down into Berkhamsted to the finish (chance to push hard downhill) whilst the half heads out towards Little Gaddesdon where more rather excruciating hills appear. The scenery is fantastic through Ashridge and past the College where the rather undulating lanes lead back to Berkhamsted and the downhill 1 mile push to the finish.

Water station: every 3 miles

Time of year: first weekend in March

Why you chose it: I have run both the 5m and half marathon distances over the past 6 years and both offer great training opportunities with the hills and an awesome challenge mentally too!

Will I be back: hell yeah, every year!

Top tips for next time: go for it on both races until you hit the hills then just dig in and push hard on the downhills.


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