Conti 24hr

For a number of years LFR have traditionally entered a handful of teams for the Conti 24hr run. On a weekend in July we head north to Canton Park for a weekend of camping, running and not a lot of sleep! Post COVID - LFR have entered a team in 2021 and 2022 with 2022 bringing their best results yet. We also have a few crazy members who take up the challenge either in a mixed pair or solo. Bonkers!

Conti 24hr - What's it all about?

The basic format is simple; complete as many laps of the 10k course as you can within the given time limit. This happens to be a 24 hour period, starting from midday on a Saturday right through to midday on a Sunday!

The event can be run as a solo runner or as a team. The teams must complete the event as a relay style with only one runner on course at a time, handing over their baton in the designated changeover area after the start/finish arch. As long as a lap has been started before the 24 hours is up it can be completed and added to the team’s total.

There is no two ways about it; Conti 24hr is super tough, extremely challenging  but hugely enjoyable! Gavin Prechner wrote a great blog on his experience from the event in 2019 and it can be read HERE you can also read Dan Lovelock's write up from 2022 HERE.

Entry Options

  1. Solo category: open to male and female
  2. Pairs category: open to two male, two female or mixed pairs
  3. Teams of Three to Five: all male, all female or mixed sex teams
  4. Teams of Six to Eight: only open to mixed sex teams

Once racing starts there are no changes to the team line up. Though the order in which the runners go on course can change but team members cannot be substituted. In fact, there is nothing to stop a member of the team running 2 laps consecutively!

The Course

The course at Conti is on a trail terrain. The 10km lap makes its way through the grounds of Catton Park taking in twisty trails, woodlands, open fields, gravel tracks, climbs, descents and some majestic views. It really is a bit of everything! (Minus any smooth tarmac!). This does mean that with our great British Summer's sometime the course can get some what muddy! You definitely never quite know, so runners come prepared for a mud fest!

Conti Thunder Run 2020 course map

The Rules & what to remember!

  1. Solo runners can take breaks as and when they require them, but they must leave and start the course from the designated areas.
  2. For the teams the baton must be handed over within the designated area.
  3. Race numbers must always be worn when racing.
  4. If you lose the baton (slap on wrist band) on course you incur a 5 minute penalty.
  5. Chip timing must be worn around the ankle and not the wrist.
  6. A member of a team must complete a minimum of 1 lap, but there is no limit on the maximum number.
  7. The course is not floodlit; this means you must have a head torch!
  8. The camp site has a quiet time between 11pm and 7am in the attempt to let the runners have some well earnt sleep!


So, if you think you'd like to be a part of the next LFR Conti team, keep an eye out on the newsletter as we'll release details for the 2023 event as and when they are available!

Further information on the event can be viewed on the official site HERE.

Home sweet home!
some of the route
The Team