LFR Awards – all the winners from the annual club celebration

6 June 2015 

Last night LFR celebrated a year of achievement at our annual awards ceremony. Huge congratulations to all our winners!


Chairmans Award – Katy Garnham-Lee
Captains Award – Chris Taylor
Clubmans Award – Mark ‘Sparky’ McLaughlin
Runners Runner Award – Mark ‘Sparky’ McLaughlin
Championship Awards – 1st Christine Ayers, 2nd Jim Buttleman and 3rd Martin Addrison
Watchless 10 mile winner – Katy Garnham-Lee
Watchless 5 mile winner – Steve Harrison
Cross Country Awards – Ladies; 1st Katy Garnham-Lee, 2nd Marianne Lee, 3rd Deena Bland. Gents; 1st Clive Daniels, 2nd Martin Crane, 3rd Steve Harrison
Golden Boot Award – Max Marshall
Most Improved  –  Penny Garnham


Here’s to another year of fun running and team LFR smashing it!

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