March brought Twin Lakes & Hardwick X-Stream

March brought Twin Lakes & Hardwick X-Stream

March saw more LFR's out racing at local races. Surprisingly few took part at the MK Festival weekend and just 6 hardy souls took on the Ashridge Boundary run. Here we report on Twin Lakes and Hardwick X-Stream

Hardwick X-Stream - 20th March 2022

By Tom Webster

The 27th running of the Hardwick X-Stream 10km multi-terrain took place on 20 March and saw four LFR's dig out their trail shoes: Andrew Heale, Mark Kleanthous (who last competed in this event more than 20 years ago), Bob Nichol and Sally Dickinson.

It is held in the beautiful undulating countryside, held exclusively within the confines of Manor House Farm in the picturesque Buckinghamshire village of Hardwick.

For trail lovers there is plenty to get stuck into, literally in many senses, with lots of mud and several water crossings, ploughed fields and tall uneven grassland.

Mark's shoe got stuck in the final mud crossing and he lost his shoe causing him to face plant into the smelly clay mud, then had to put his shoe back on before carrying on. Despite all this, Mark was first finisher in his age category. This was Bob's first run at Hardwick, will he be back next year?!

Twin Lakes 10 & 20 Miler - 20th March 2022


The Twin Lakes connects Willen Lake and Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes. It's a combination of redway, towpath and lakeside running. And it's flat!

There were three LFRs running that day: myself and Sagar doing the 10 miler and Megan doing the 20 miler. Personally, I was a bit nervous on race day having had a tough half marathon the week before. However, on race day, the sun was a shining, there was a mild breeze and the visions of being sick halfway around the course from the week before were soon erased from my memory! I was happy with my pace and despite the course being heavily congested for the first 2km, I finished 35th out of 193 runners.

Sagar had a great day too, he said: "I managed to Get my 10-mile PB at Twin Lakes 10Miler with a chip time at 1:13:41. I'm now looking forward to a sub 1:40 half marathon!"

Once I'd passed the finishing line, I joined Sagar in waiting to see Megan pass her half way mark. We were a bit confused as Megan took a wrong turn but soon re-routed to reach the 10 mile mark of her 20 miler. Megan looked strong at halfway and was somehow smiling despite another 10 miles to go! Megan's commented on her race:

"I really enjoyed running the Twin Lakes 20 as my final long run before Brighton Marathon. I started off at my marathon pace but quickly decided to go faster as I was feeling comfortable - looking forward to those 26.2 miles ahead!"

Megan certainly provided the inspiration for me as I look ahead to my looming London marathon training, and that's what LFR is about; looking at others achievements and knowing that with a bit of hard work, a dollop of determination and the support of others, anything is possible!